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Plumbing Services in Perth, Western Australia

Absolute Plumbing, Drainage & Gas — Professional and Reliable Service in Perth, WA

Absolute Plumbing, Drainage & Gas provide professional plumbing services to customers in the greater Perth metropolitan areas.

In need of plumbing expertise? Absolute Plumbing, Drainage and Gas with their decade-long experience can provide plumbing services for your home.

Plumbing Installation for New Homes

When building a new home, most plumbing takes place after the foundation goes in, except for the sewer accommodation pipes. We’re happy to provide advice and obligation-free quotes for new home plumbing installation. Other plumbing services we provide for new homes are:

  • Water supply systems
  • Drainage and vent pipe installations
  • Traps
  • Plumbing fixtures

Changing Plumbing for Home Renovation

Home renovation often requires plumbing work, whether it’s replacing existing pipes or running new pipes. For your next renovation project you may need:

  • Plumbing Consultation – before getting too deep into the renovation planning, get some ideas on what needs to be done for your plumbing
  • Replacing old pipes
  • Building new chase walls to hide plumbing or other duct work
  • Probing wall cavities

Commercial fit-outs

Commercial premises such as cafes, restaurants, bars, retail stores, and commercial kitchens often require plumbing design and installation with industrial capacity and heavier duty products. We provide the following installation services for commercial fit-out projects.

  • Replacing and re-running old pipes
  • Boiling water systems
  • Coffee machines
  • Ice machines & Refrigerators
  • Water filters
  • Grease traps & Gas appliances.

Blocked Drains

Blockages in drains can result in dirty water backing-up or flooding inside the home or outside, creating unhealthy conditions or causing property damage. Absolute Plumbing, Drainage & Gas has the know-how and all the latest equipment to solve your drainage issues fast. Typical blocked drainage problems are:

  • Internal or external pipe blockage
  • Blocked basin
  • Blocked kitchen or laundry sink
  • Blocked toilet or shower.

Hot Water Systems

Having quick access to hot water is a real joy, especially in winter, and when a hot water system has efficiency problems or completely breaks down, most people like the problem to be fixed quickly. It’s best not to try giving hot water heaters the DIY fix because doing so is not only potentially dangerous and against the law in Western Australia, it will most likely void your water heater warranty. The smart thing to do is have a professional from Absolute Plumbing, Drainage & Gas to provide the help and advice you need. We can service, repair, replace, or upgrade your existing hot water heater. Or we can install a new efficient hot water heater if your old one is beyond repair or too costly to run . We can supply a hot water heater from a wide range of Australian and international manufacturers or we can install any system you may have already purchased and ensure that the new system is functioning both safely and efficiently.

Plumbing Maintenance

Just like servicing your car, simple routine maintenance is often the best way to avoid serious plumbing problems. Our highly experienced personnel can inspect and maintain all of your plumbing and gas needs including leaking or burst pipes, hot water and boiling water systems, refrigeration, drains and high pressure jetting, CCTV inspections, septic tanks and leech drains, grease traps, as well as all kitchen, bathroom and laundry plumbing.


Absolute Plumbing, Drainage & Gas plumbers are licensed experts in all areas of gas fitting and maintenance. Ensuring that all gas-operated systems and appliances are working safely and efficiently is our top priority. We can help you with all your gas needs, including installation, gas cooking, outdoor gas requirements, gas bayonets, hot water and gas leaks.